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NEWES Hydrogen has developed and patented a unique electrolyser for the production of green hydrogen based on alkaline electrolysis. In this electrolyser the alkaline electrolysis takes place at elevated pressure. As a result, the produced gases are immediately available up to pressures up to 350 bar, without using a compressor nor an external gas drying installation. With this (ultra) high-pressure alkaline electrolysis technology, NEWES Hydrogen realizes:

without compressor

load flexibility

lower investment costs

less plot space

less operational costs

< 80 dB(A)
@ 1m, low noise emission

The electrolyser is made up of modules of approx. 1MW which can be connected in series up to a total capacity of approx. 25MW.

With this compact and modular electrolyser, green hydrogen can be cost-effectively produced from green electricity.

Green hydrogen will play an important role in the near future to replace natural gas (and grey hydrogen produced from natural gas) and other fossil fuels to reduce CO2 emissions. Green hydrogen will become available as an energy carrier at high pressure for applications such as:

storage, where the pressure can reach up to 350bar (or even 700bar depending on the type of storage)

pipeline transport, where the pressure varies from 30 to 70 bar

conversion to ammonia or methanol (where ammonia conversion takes place around 150 bar)

NEWES Hydrogen produces the hydrogen directly at the desired pressure for all these applications. Alternative electrolyser technologies produce hydrogen from atmospheric to a maximum of 30 bar and therefore require complex, costly and inefficient compressor installations to deliver hydrogen at higher pressures.

NEWES Hydrogen electrolysis technology is a cost-effective and simple solution to produce green hydrogen directly at the desired pressure.

Today NEWES Hydrogen, together with partners, developing and realising a demonstration installation of 1MW @ 350bar that will demonstrate the technology on an industrial scale. It is expected to have the installation in operation as per mid 2024.

Link to: NEWES Hydrogen presentation

Email: waterstof@newes.nl

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